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Fibre Network

We are thrilled to work with Axia to get enough support for them to come to Coutts and install a fibre network to every house and business in our community at their cost.  All we have to do is get 30% of the addresses in Coutts to register their information (as an expression of interest, not a contract or commitment) on and Axia will work to provide us with DEDICATED (not shared with your neighbour), SYMMETRICAL(you can upload as fast as you can download), internet service with NO DATA CAPS (you won't be billed extra for downloading too much) to each of the addresses who sign up for their service.

Axia can only do so many communities each year and other communities are trying to reach this goal as well.  Let's all register today and ensure that we are one of the communities Axia will include in 2016!  This investment will be worth over a million dollars in our community and will ensure that we are able to compete in the global knowledge based economy.  For more information on what Axia's residential and business plans cost and what symmetrical internet speeds they will offer, click the link below. The benefits that would come to our community are immeasurable and all you have to do is go to and enter your information expressing your interest in the service. Below are some videos explaining the benefit that this service would provide to our community.

Community Calendar and Facility Bookings

To quickly see what events are coming up, to see facility availability , and to book the gym or weight room, check our community calendar.

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Last updated November 1, 2016

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